Friday, December 16, 2005

SMPP Protocol

Yesterday, I finally complete my program for my final Bachelor degree exam. My Bos suggest me SMPP Protocol as my final Bachelor degree exam on March 2005. Things that make me challenged are that it need to have different API, can be easyly extend into POE, and of course written in Perl programming language. He said it was simple job and easy to develop. I didn't knew what in a world that he saw in me that sure him that i could do the job.

Yeah that sure long enough time to finish the job. Rather that directly develop the source i tend to search for new approach in doing it. And here we go as my head is full of question about element of design pattern and its implementation in developing SMPP Protocol.
There are so much path that i must faced from learning the SMPP V5 spesification protocol, Design Pattern, Perl, Perl Object and Reference, then Testing Impelementation. All off these make me sleep above 12'.

Yeah, require a lot energy and time also. The most difficult one is to make different API from the one that is made by Sampo Kellomaki - Thanks for the API Sampo.
I design the SMPP V5 Protocol spesification in PERL, using State Pattern in its main object state. That really answer my own question on how to implement State Pattern since reading it won't help me enough. But Perl help me and it happen success at the first phase test.
The worst part come when i try to change its API style. It's really complex since it need to handle more than 15 different PDU's and in other side i need to make simplicity from programming side. But sorry, i could not tell the detail here - at least not before 24 December.
After changing its API, it runs well at the secong phase test.

I therefore thanks to my boss Mr. Edwin Pratomo for his idea which make me having in depth in PERL, also to Mr. Singgih Jatmiko for his suggestion in writting my paper.

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