Thursday, February 23, 2006


I decided to continue the development of my DSMPP Perl module. I Started this project this week, hoping more additional features, and fixes that i miss from previous release i can apply here. I plan to include dummy (if not for production) MC server here just for testing so i can free my module dependency testing from SMPP Simulator. I also plan to make (i hope) a good documentation to share my knowledge to you guys, and testing script for DSMPP module. I hope this module will finish in two months. Keep the spirit up ok.

Friday, February 03, 2006


I guess that is the word for the one who use unordinary method that maybe looks odd especially because it has different approach and use relative difficult way. Because of this there are only some users who are still used it. I thinking conservative because someone told this about me and - for some reason - i feel no suprised.

As the time goes i think that i'm much too far to be said conservative. Maybe it just my path as an unordinary conservative programmer who see this world as a large computer set. If people say that this path have much limitation that myself say yes there are but simply i say that i like it and i think more naturally. It is good to be conservative.