Friday, April 21, 2006


Based on Joomla CMS this site is kindergarten school website which newly established. It is great cause i can work it out on time which seem so great due to i don't need to hardcode much of my joomla hacked - customized one - into the script. Planning for this is to accomodate changes in menu - eithe on top or bottom menu. So with one valid design i can change the layout based on the required one. Such in this case i using joomla menu to accomodate the menu. This result in menu management easiness. Let joomla lead the way.
Delayed DSMPP

DSMPP is delayed due to i need to handle several commercial - not free - software. The progress itself near 80%. Testing including unit testing, integration test, context test ( ESME: transmitter, receiver, transceiver and MC: transmitter ). There are several MC context test that need to be done which is receiver and transceiver, and of course - last but least - perl pod documentation before releasing it to CPAN. I plan to release it at first week of may 2006. Several test also will be done before releasing the final to CPAN. Just wait ok.