Friday, December 30, 2005

Enough means enough

I seek for the path i have passed these day. Trying to find what i have been left behind. While on the journey the obstacle that i faced seems endless ly coming from all direction. Much enough for me to shot at my own foot. The idealism and tactics seems talking together like trying to give solution that in the end became void because it takes me to the first place i stand. Needless compass strungling me to find alternatif which make me expresive and effective.

This day is not what a day that seems too horrible but just it need more strength and extraodinary thingking that will release all that i want and let it flow as it should be. Last night, He relieves me and give what i want when i was sleeping. The optimistic way and strength to fight without fear. Thanks Jesus.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Final Bachelor Degree Exam

Saturday, December 24 2005 i had my final bachelor degree exam while all of my family and almost all christians were busy to prepare for christmas day on the next day. The exam took place at Gunadarma Campus Kenari which i got there at a quarter to eight. All the preparation ok, now the it is time to wait for my turn due tue that there are 194 students were having final bachelor degree exam that thay. The briefing itself start at 9am and i need to wait untill 12pm because the examiner hasn't ready yet. All of my friend already step out from the room and have their exam while me and 15 other have need to wait for our turn.

And that goes the waiting time, they told me get my exam at 4th level of the building and seek for the room that had in-focus in it. Well, i really enjoy in that place since there are 2 operator that are beautiful enough to see while i still wait for my turn again. Here goes my turn. As i explain about my paper about SMPP Procotol V5 Implementation in PERL, the examiner check my paper and listen to my explanation. The examiner are Mr. Singgih Jatmiko, Mrs. Yuhilza Hanum, and Mrs. Sulistyo Puspitodjati. But the last one was not come that day. I feel almost no pressure because i act calm and try to use language that make no ambigu meaning with hope that will sattisfied them. I explain to them that my paper was talk about sending short message to SMSC (wireless gateway provider) through TCP/IP network. The format itself already describe in SMPP V5 Spesification and now it is implemented in PERL using OOP and State pattern approach. The program itself is a Perl Modul which consist set of classes which provide interface to communicate in SMPP protocol. But to make it different compare that other previous research than it use new function interface approach. And all of that took half an hour for me to explain it. They asked 2 question which are why it is written in perl? (Yuhilza Hanum) How do the module handle if i have message longer than 255 characters. The first answer goes as right now i understand Perl, PHP will be next target perhaps. And the second answer goes as the module itself don't take care about the message length and that complexity should be solved at application level. Ok then, the revision is in chapter 5 about the conclusion which i place in random order. He told me to put it in sequence order and the told me to report revision to him. Well that is half an hour trip on level 4th of the building.

But to me the job is not finished but it is started couse now i can't ask for money for transport to campus. I need to seek better oppurtunity and make new planning these day about my path the next day. Hoping the best to for all of Niloners, thank you for your support.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


This week is going to be a glorious week due tue that i'm going to have my bachelor degree exam which i have been waiting for at least 5 years. I need to prepare all of the things that necessary starting from paper, required documents, money, stamina, and support of course. My friend Tommy told me to prepared for plan b which accidentally will be happen if one of the above requirent failed. Thanks for the advice Tom. I will do the best, and I'm sure that He is with all of the moment. Wishing the best. Thanks

Monday, December 19, 2005

Do it in the optimistic way

Marthin Luther said do it just like with God. Just a simple question that i haven't realized till yesterday at chruch after the speech of Pdt. Jongky. It enlighten me and change the way i see things. Especially in nowadays activity which seem getting hard and beast one. There is Jesus which always be there with me whareever and whatever the problem that i faced. I realized me about all the simple things that i have left at my back. I don't realized that i have it all potentially, it just need a will and optimistic way to do it, of course with Jesus beside me. There i will be. Tranformation of me

Friday, December 16, 2005

Never Ever Serious

Since my met with Perl i began not to serious in coding. Not mean to simplyfied everything but rather to think simple in another prespective of course. Not mean to began endless argument but i think it help me much in the overall context before i wrote the application code. And that what Perl give a flavour just like cooking make your cooking become delicious.
Just another taste that make you wanna laugh more...
SMPP Protocol

Yesterday, I finally complete my program for my final Bachelor degree exam. My Bos suggest me SMPP Protocol as my final Bachelor degree exam on March 2005. Things that make me challenged are that it need to have different API, can be easyly extend into POE, and of course written in Perl programming language. He said it was simple job and easy to develop. I didn't knew what in a world that he saw in me that sure him that i could do the job.

Yeah that sure long enough time to finish the job. Rather that directly develop the source i tend to search for new approach in doing it. And here we go as my head is full of question about element of design pattern and its implementation in developing SMPP Protocol.
There are so much path that i must faced from learning the SMPP V5 spesification protocol, Design Pattern, Perl, Perl Object and Reference, then Testing Impelementation. All off these make me sleep above 12'.

Yeah, require a lot energy and time also. The most difficult one is to make different API from the one that is made by Sampo Kellomaki - Thanks for the API Sampo.
I design the SMPP V5 Protocol spesification in PERL, using State Pattern in its main object state. That really answer my own question on how to implement State Pattern since reading it won't help me enough. But Perl help me and it happen success at the first phase test.
The worst part come when i try to change its API style. It's really complex since it need to handle more than 15 different PDU's and in other side i need to make simplicity from programming side. But sorry, i could not tell the detail here - at least not before 24 December.
After changing its API, it runs well at the secong phase test.

I therefore thanks to my boss Mr. Edwin Pratomo for his idea which make me having in depth in PERL, also to Mr. Singgih Jatmiko for his suggestion in writting my paper.

Fly Me To Solaris...

Kira-kira dua hari yang lalu saya membaca artikel Solaris Internal yang diberikan oleh bos saya. Setelah membaca bab I saya sungguh terkesima dengan arsitektur sistem operasi ini. Banyak hal dan pola dalam skala enterprise yang bisa diambil sebagai contoh dari implementasi nya antara lain Light Weight Kernel thread... dimana masing-masing thread dapat berkomunikasi satu dengan yang lain. Benar-benar hasil sebuah riset yang tidak main-main.
Sayang sekali saya tidak dapat mencoba nya dikarenakan komputer yang saya gunakan sekarang dalam keadaan tidak bisa diganggu gugat oleh siapapun termasuk tangan saya yang gatal. Ya, skripsi yang sedang saya kerjakan walaupun sudah selesai tetapi belum disidangkan. Mungkin nanti setelah tanggal 24 Desember 2005 - hari dimana saya sidang sarjana - saya akan mempertimbangkan kembali rencana ini. Tujuan saya kali ini selain hoby di waktu luang juga sebagai persiapan saya ke bidang lain selain web programming.
Fly me to polaris then