Friday, October 06, 2006

Kannel 1.4.1

There are many enhancement in this software. First one to notice about was when i was installing it that kannel now support for mysql database > 3. So i don't need 2 mysql database instances running simultaneously on my computer. But i still doing some test with the software especially in log-level configuration which seem doesn't have any use though i have change the values other than 0. Many enhancement that is still to get test. Just wait for next report... Go go kannel...
Joomla Component for GoldMany

Just another sidejob during my spare time. This project aim to make web based financial investment software to support GoldMany financial investment product which consist of Discretionary Fund and Dana Fleksi Fund. Using Mambo for website, i follow Mambo API guidance to integrate the application into Mambo website.

Due to missing idealism in Mambo developer - which in turn derrived Joomla - company website also changed into Joomla. So much lack of compatibility, especially in database connection which in turn i made new class derrived from database base class to get over it, so my application can customize the method from the database regardless of the Joomla version is.

The first module ( Discretionary Transaction ) is finish and now wait for the business flow on Fleksi Fund which is still not clear till now. Let's support Joomla then.