Sunday, January 29, 2006

Me, Bonti, And Mambo

Recently i work using mambo as an development environtment more often. As it happen when i was in indesain project to make indesain web site that main focus area is in interior design environtment. Although mambo is known as an most popoular OpenSource CMS, i think we should give it more value. The API is really great, so modular, flexible, and robust. I said this due to my main area in this project is to create custom web site that really reflect interior design company. The customization in mambo though lack of documentation and RTFM but it has good documentation in its core API. It more like an customizeable web site development which could be change to anything that you like to in a flexible way. The web site need to display its recent porto folios together with its article but the want it to be simple, and compact enough. There are many iframe tag that is used in this project and mambo can work with it in an simple way.

Before indesain project i also work with mambo in indotsunamirelief redesign web site. The layout from the old to new is so radical so it can't just replace the old template with the new one but also it need to create new component and module to make it fit with the new layout. It really great as i realize that the API is an result from the best practise logic, easy to follow. I don't mean to make speciallity to mambo here but mambo is deserve more than just popular Open Source CMS.

And my recent work with mambo is in project scalardesign web site. The company main focus area is in design engineering and distribution. The site need image gallery to promote its gallery. Yes i know, there are many component in mambo that deals with image gallery. But the client want it to display in cult 3d format and each format has its own preview which mean that i need to customize already exist component instead making it from scratch. Well i use zoom component and hack it so it can accept cult 3d format file and change the way it display the gallery image. Yes i know it should be easy, but here i know that many API that we can use instead make it from scratch again. Here i want to say many thanks to zoom component author Mike de Boer.

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