Sunday, January 29, 2006

It's time to leave

Nowadays i faced with different thing that i can not avoid and run away from it. The problem is dealing with my job which maybe i feel over stressed not because the environtment but it mainly because kind of job that i faced that make me overstressed. Yes there are no perfect company in this world but i don't want to deny my self if the salary is not quite equal with the responsibility that i hold and i guess i need to get overwith this.

I began to find the new one with a hope that i could find a better on. Better on here means that i need more challenge than before i don't want to deal just with web development environtment. Yeah it is not just about the salary anyway but it is also about my knowledge development. I need something that can work with communication and distributed mobile computing and dealing with large data in an continous developement environtment. The are many things i do to get this. For example is the SMPP v5 implementation in PERL that i made. It really not an web application and i just realize that web just a small field in programming. And that where i will go to. Indeed between our need and company need is totally different. What i mean is the company usually used tools that can be used for their commercial purposes meanwhile what i need is something that challenging and not just dealing with web, database, web services.

The path to that is really hard and need a long time since only small people or group that really involve with this, especially in scientific development environtment. It really enlarge our knowledge about the broadness of programming world is. Yeah it is so idealis and kontroverial also (i knew someone who had said this to me before ;-) But now is the right time to start it anyway though there are many things to be left behind. But with no regret i mean thank to all the people i meant in my path to achieve this. Thanks

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